Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere is one of the best 360 degree camera to shoot perfect video and photo in 2017 year. The Xiaomi app have got a major update and it bring many useful new features, such as Intervalometer to take photos with a drone without using a remote control, GPS tagging, EXIF data added and slow motion. You could try the tutorial below for updating the app or firmware on your 360 camera.

Note: make sure your Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere camera and smartphone are FULLY CHARGED.

1. On your smartphone, tap on the Mi Sphere icon to launch the app.
2. Tap on the person icon at the upper left corner.
3. Tap on “More help”line with a red dot
4. The next screen will display a red dot beside “App version” or “Firmware version”
5. If it is an available app update, you’d better to update the app first before updating the firmware. Click on the update button to update the iOS app via the App Store or the Android version from Google Play Store.
6. Once the app version is up-to-date, tap on the firmware version, and click on Update or Download update to download the firmware update to your phone.
7. After the files have been downloaded, go to connect the camera to the app. First pressing the Wi-Fi button next to the power button on Xiaomi camera. Then tap on your camera in the app, wait 5 seconds to choose it from the available Wi-Fi networks, type default password 12345678 to connect with.
8. In the app, Tap on “Update Now” to update the firmware. During the install firmware process, you must not switch apps on your smartphone, and also do not turn off the camera. Otherwise, the XIAOMI MIJIA MI SPHERE camera might get bricked.